Step 1: Buy rare, rusty but complete and unmolested 1956 Hudson Hornet V8 on ebay for $2100.

Step 2: Arrange for shipper. Car has no brakes. Shipper has no problem with that.

Step 3: ???


Step 4: Loss!


They were trying to roll the car forward by tilting the ramps; there was a safety chain holding it but when it rolled forward and snapped the chain taut, it bounced back and the chain went slack and got disconnected. With no stops or blocks on the upper ramps, the Hudson rolled off the ends, teetered once, then slid off and nosed over.

Shipper's assistant, who was inside the car steering, suffered a broken arm.

Full story here, with eyewitness details on page 3.

H/T: The H.A.M.B.