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No NSX for Me

I regret to inform Oppo that I can’t pull the trigger on the $24,000 NSX only 200 miles from me. Even with the opportunity of making more than what I pay for it back, I would be unhappy with having to put all that into a loan. However, I do want to make sure all of you see this. It’s been on the lot since July according to Cargurus and I’m slightly worried it will go to auction and get out of reach.

Maybe one of you, Tavarish, or Doug would be able to figure out something with this. If I had of looked for this back in August, hell yes. If it’s still around in April, hell yes. The planets didn’t align for me, but maybe they did for you!


Funny thing is I would have traded in the Kia Amanti for this (I only drive it 5,000 miles a year). That would have been a fun post. *tear*

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