No one has talked about this on here? Someone leaked pics of the Genesis GV80

Image: Car&Driver

A very nice reader sent Car&Driver some leaked pics of the upcoming Genesis GV80 crossover from the factory. It looks exactly how the renders said it would. Sharing design language with the G70 and new G90 it has a large grill up front.

Image: Car&Driver

Inside it has a big 2 spoke wheel and what looks to be a half screen spedo.

Image: Car&Driver

The center console looks to come with either a rotary shiftier or push buttons that you cant seen. Its overall handsome and looks similar to the Palisade. The GV80 is expected to compete with the GLE, X5 & Q7. Im curious if this thing is riding on the same platform as the Telluride/Palisade or will it be a dedicated platform specifically for Genesis. It cant come soon enough because a crossover will be a welcome addition to the Genesis lineup.

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