And certainly my wife was not as cheery as I at 4:20 this morning when my alarm rang. I however, popped out of bed and bounced off to the bathroom to shower and get ready. Kid, Christmas, this was how I felt.

I am not a morning person typically so this reaction was understandably odd for my wife who had begrudgingly agreed to take me to the airport two hours before she even had to roll out of bed so that I could take the trip she was supposed to get to go on. My excitement has been understandably higher than hers since we agreed we'd buy a new Corvette. When we found a 2008 Jet Stream Blue 3LT in South Carolina, with NAV and HUD, I knew it might be a winner. After some haggling, paper work, and one big angst filled 'ok' from my wife, we owned it.

Now is the fun part for me. I get to fly in, have the dealer pick me up, and then prepare and take a 22 hour drive home. Since I have a very understanding job, I'll be taking my time: I have the rest of the week off. Follow with me as I document the trip here on oppo!!

Edit: In Atlanta Safely. Nothing exciting here as you all know who fly through ATL. More when I hit the ground in Charleston.