no really, this is car related

so, there I am, yet again, the only male in a Joanne fabric store.

bought fabric for my new headliner... took it home... and just hucked it into the pile of crap it feels like will never get installed.

So I had motivation, and finally had a some space in the basement again to put things, so I hauled ass... err boxes all night and made my storage room into a room that stored things.

originally when my basement renovation started my storage relocated to my garage was going to be SO well organized.


but fast forward to doing all the work, and storing more crap, and keep running tools in and out, and laziness begat this disaster

my literal hours of labour last night really only half un-forked the problem :S


wife: “wait... when did we get more tyres?”

ruh roh guys, she’s starting to notice some of this is just a pile of car parts! not to mention the boxes of tupperwared car parts that I moved to their (probably permanent) home in the basement again.


anyhoo, I predict I’m a week away from running out of space based excuses for not getting car projects done.



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