If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

No Saab Stories?

I suppose this is mostly because your average Saab owner has 3-5 parts cars in his yard and his mechanic is nice enough to tell him that his electrical gremlins will never be gone. More observations:

It’s weird how Toyota owns the bottom three slots but Honda and Nissan are relatively removed from the very similar luxury brands. Do they just have a bigger markup on the Acura/Infinity parts and labor?


Also how many people do you know that joked about German reliability when it came to economy cars that proceeded to then buy American or Korean?

I assume the Mini data set is too small to rely on this chart as I’d imagine they would likely slot in around the Audi/Volvo range.

I say all of this as a current Taco owner and a former owner of a suburban (blew the engine after 115k), 9-3 (wrecked and sold to a saab guy with 3 others in his yard), Jetta (never had an issue), Volvo S80 (oh go the depreciation, sold for $500), and Golf (again no issues besides some minor electrical work done myself and probably caused by me). My father also has a mini (he’s gone to the dealership a lot).

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