So yesterday I backed the Doge out of the garage so I could clean up, then after I was done it wouldn't start again. At first I thought it was just out of gas but I've discovered I have no spark. Fuck.

I've narrowed it down to the cam position sensor, the crank position sensor or the ignition control module. The annoying part is that the check engine light isn't coming on because I can't actually get the car running, so I can't use the OBD1 codes to help me diagnose the problem. I guess it's time to get the multimeter out.

Question though, since I've got to keep cranking the car over and over to get stuff to turn to check with the multimeter would it be a good idea to disconnect the fuel pump so I'm not just continuing to dump fuel into the engine? This seems like a good idea to me.

On the plus side at least I got the spare engine out of the truck so that was good.


And my garage is clean, also good. Bad news is that my driveway isn't flat... and I can't get the Doge back into the garage. Better start calling friends.