Went car camping over the weekend and decided to take the 3-series. More than did the trick considering I only had to go off road for 3 feet to park and it was only an overnight trip. Such a joy winding out the I-6 overtaking on two lane roads.

The A4 is considerably more spacious for cargo, with more cubbies and obviously a bigger trunk with the hatch. Back seat is I think a smidge smaller for people, but overall it’s a much better car to do this sort of thing in due to higher profile tires, more ground clearance, and AWD. What I need is a mix of the two, aka a 340i wagon. Come on BMW USA!

All that said, I’ve been really thinking whether I could do without a manual in my life and go back down to a single car, probably an SQ5 or an X3. Maybe even a CX-5. For now I’m staying put, but the new car lifestyle is definitely whispering in my ear.