No, the other Ringo.

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-Snippets of conversation while doing a Sgt Pepper Puzzle with my 8 year old Charlie.   (this is our small Sgt Pepper puzzle, the big one is a real ordeal but we’ve done that one too, took 4 or 5 days) 


Wax George goes by Sonny Liston’s arm, Marilyn Monroe goes by Edgar Allen Poe.”

“Dad is Donald Trump on here?”


“is this MR Clean?”

“No I think that’s Aleister Crowely”

“who’s that?”

“don’t worry about it”

“Why do the Beatles have moustaches”

“I think they just decided to grow them”

“is Ringo the trumpeter of the Beatles?”


“Is that a sea captain?”

“no it’s Marlon Brando, he was in movies”

“why are there 8 Beatles”

“The other ones are the pre-moustache Beatles, they’re pretty good too”

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