So motherfucking pissed right now all this work all this effort every weekend driving 3 hours after work on Friday to Fort Worth and back to Austin on Sunday night (3 hours) before I work on monday morning waking up at 6am .. FOR NOTHING!

I applied for PTO my manager and all my co workers have heard me talk about nothing else but this event for the past 6 months .. and I didnt get approved .. Why you ask (and so did I) Because my manager is taking off the entire fucking week to go to Mardi Gras .. so there for non of the people below him can take off that week ..

He even had the audacity to ask me if I can just go the following week.. Bah Ffftt Shhh pffft ha .. Yea I can physically go to Houston the week after but it would be pointless.

Fuck everyone right now .


Secondly I have this big dick wing / 3 piece wing for my car but A: I have never done body work or have a clue how to and rather not fuck it up trying to learn and B: I'm not exactly sure I'm in love with it .. What are your thoughtsOppo ..