So some frat bro in a bro truck (It had a Delta Chi plate on the front, so it was clear advertising) decided to follow my Silverado a bit too closely down I-75 this morning. I even said “You know, if we have to stop quickly, he’s either going to be straightening the frame of my truck, or he’s going into the construction barriers, or someone else” And then 1/3 of a mile up the road, is a Lexus with blinking brake lights.

The BMW that I’m following with a 2 second gap starts braking, so I get on the brakes, and end up having to modulate more pressure, since we are going from 65 - 0 (This happens in Atlanta. One second, you are doing 70, the next, 7). I don’t even get on the brakes hard enough to squeal or engage the ABS, but dudebro does lock the wheels, and then steers into the next lane...


Which is occupied by another truck.

You know, if you don’t follow so damn closely, and are reading the lane ahead for stopped traffic (which it ALWAYS does in Cobb County), you *might* not have this problem.