The clutch pedal on my 335xi has an annoyingly long throw, so I got a bigger clutch pedal stopper to shorten the pedal throw between the engagement point and the “floor.” It adjusts by removing washers from the middle section. Right now, starting the car takes a little extra something.

Some cars, including mine, need a few of the washers in the middle of the clutch stop to be taken out so you can press the pedal far enough to trip the clutch interlock switch and start the car. I took out a couple washers to get the car started, but it takes a good amount of extra pressure on the pedal to fully compress the foam pad before the car will start.

I could very easily take another washer out to make the car start normally, but part of me doesn’t want to do that, because it’s like my little secret, only I know how to start the car. Well, me and the rest of you, Oppo. It’d be a cool anti-theft feature above and beyond the fact that many would-be car thieves can’t drive stick.

Advertisement’s also kind of annoying to have to press extra hard on the clutch to start the car.

I’ll probably take that washer out tonight.