I see a ton of posts on Facebook and Twitter about this apparent game of stealing Confederate Flags from people. Obviously it’s being put out with race-baiting posts of Black or Mexican people stealing the flags. These posts are met with vacant threats of violence akin to, “Come get mine and you’ll get lead instead.” A few things to consider...

1. Theft is not good. Don’t steal.
2. Petty theft is not robbery, nor is it a threat to human life or personal safety, so deadly force cannot be a response. Don’t murder.
3. I find it interesting that a group who waves the banner of a group that operated as militant rebels against the government in a war that advocate civil disobedience nearly daily for other issues, now threaten to shoot kids over a racist symbol made of cloth.

Sorry the third point is a bit of a jab, and I know this is a highly charged issue, but I have long hated the flag, I’ve expressed it here before (around 6 years ago) and started a bit of a back and forth when I complained of a neighbor of mine in NJ who flew one. I also am not going to advocate a destruction of property, no matter how reprehensible it is, so don’t think i am defending the theft. As you’ll see it’s first on the list, for good reason. Without action there is no reaction.

Please everyone, do everyone else a favor. Don’t steal and don’t murder. Please remind friends and other posters you see that both of these are not acceptable behavior. Neither is a legal.

Not trying to start a flame war, as Conan says, “Keep cool my babies.”