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Noise Delete

I spent part of yesterday insulating the driver’s door of the ranger. I intended to do both doors, but it took me so long to do one that I decided to save the other for another day. In my younger days I worked as a car stereo/alarm etc installer, so I have done this before. However I have never taken the time to do a really nice job with it. When I did it professionally people usually would only opt to do the area around the speaker or the trunk lid. I intend to do the entire cab (both doors, rear cab, floor, and maybe even the roof)

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I used the oem “insulation” to cut out the necessary holes in each piece. Then I used a heat gun and roller to smooth it out. So now the drivers door sounds like a German car, and the passenger side sounds like a Ford.


Once I finish the passenger door, I’ll finally put the head unit, amp, and front speakers in. Then I’ll start insulating the rear.

I hope everyone had a nice long weekend.

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