Noises a Miata shouldn't make: this

Hey y’know oil? Important for cars to run. Somehow without leaving a puddle or smoking my Miata ate 3.5 of its 4 quarts of oil. This is what a BP-Z3 sounds like running on half a quart.

Absolutely no noises whatsoever after putting some new oil in it. Going to swap filters tomorrow, cut open the old one and see how it is. I’ll be checking the PCV valve to see if it’s clogged or something and checking the plugs to see if they give me any clues. If the engine lasts another 1000 miles I’ll send some oil off for analysis and see what I get back. Here’s hoping it’s not the end of my ‘02 SE.


If there’s metal in the filter, in the oil, or any glooming idea that this engine will soon bite the big one I’ll probably take it to Carmax or something and see what they’ll give me for it as auction value, since at the moment it’s running fine with no noises.

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