Continuing this series (Boeing, Airbus, Other Western European, Soviet Bloc), we move on to the second to last group, covering planes from the rest of the world (the last entry will go through the non-Boeing Americans). This is a varied and regional jet heavy group without a single widebody airliner (China’s Comac and Russia’s UAC have announced a partnership to build one, but it is nowhere near enough to production to be included here). Anyway, on to the rankings:

Photo: Ken Fielding

1. Embraer E170/E175/E190/E195

This Brazilian has blurred the lines between regional jets and more traditional short haul airliners, providing a modern and efficient aircraft to serve feeder and commuter routes. With over 1300 aircraft delivered, it has been a tremendous success for Embraer.

Photo: Swiss

2. Bombardier CSeries

Bombardier’s CRJ series thrived in the regional jet boom of the ‘90s and early 2000s, but it was clear they needed a larger and more modern aircraft to compete with Embraer and even with the the A320 and 737. The recently introduced CSeries is that jet. Featuring a 2-3 cabin configuration the 108 (two class) - 160 (single class) passenger capacity puts it’s sights squarely on the A319 and 737 MAX 7. Initial interest for airlines was strong, but delays have hurt the program, with the first aircraft delivered in 2016.



3. Canadair/Bombardier CRJ100/CRJ200/CRJ440

Stretching the Canadair Challenger business jet (itself a development of a Bill Lear (of LearJet fame) design which Canadair had purchased), the early CRJ series was in the right place at the right time, and was able to take advantage of cheap fuel, an economic boom, and a 50 passenger limit for subcontracted airlines to sell over 1000 planes before production ceased in 2006.


Photo: Laurent ERRERA

4. Bombardier CRJ700/CRJ900/CRJ1000

A major reworking of the earlier CRJ design to provide significantly more passenger capacity, it has received a steady stream of updates to stay competitive.


Photo: Mitsubishi Aircraft

5. Mitsubishi Regional Jet

The first Japanese jetliner, the MRJ took its first flight in 2015 and is expected to be operational in 2020. It has around 250 orders, including a 100 plane order from SkyWest.


6. Comac C919

Another aircraft that would score a bit higher if it were actually in service, the C919 is a narrow-body 737/A320 competitor that is scheduled to begin flying commercially in 2020. At this point, interest is almost exclusively from within China.


Photo: Aly Song

7. Comac ARJ21

Comac claims this is a not an MD-90, but it’s an MD-90 (with some upgrades).


8. Embraer ERJ 135/ERJ 140/ERJ 145

I hope you like regional jets cramped, uncomfortable, loud, and inefficient.