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Non auto related - Apartment shelving?

I need a shelf. But I need it to keep my car magazines.

The wall will also have other automotive prints.

The shelf will just be a long 1x4" plank of oak that will sit between two partial walls that are ~85 inches apart and made of plaster. The whole shelf with a few magazines and knick-knacks shouldn't weigh more than 10lbs (right?)


But unfortunately I rent an apartment, so I can't drill holes for the shelf - and thats the challenge.

I have been considering supporting the shelf with long tension rod (link below) that will run between the two partial walls and putting a lot of 3m Command stickies on the edge of the shelf that will stick to the wall.

But I am still concerned about the tension rod being insufficient in holding the whole thing or going though the plaster. The partial walls seem to be load bearing, but I'm not sure.

Does anybody have better ideas?

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