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Got my Pixel 3 case today. Just ordered it 5 days ago, so pretty impressed with the speed. This is my 2nd “My Case”, I have one for my first gen Pixel as well. Pixel 3 should be here in a week or so.

My first case was light grey, the case turned purple from my jeans over time so I went darker this time.

The case is a stylized map of Fort Langley. The case sets the wallpaper to a stylized map (in the same colour scheme) of your current location, tying together the physical/digital theme.


I like maps as art and have a few geographical prints in my small townhouse. They are usually pretty and the places mean a lot to me.

This one was done by someone in the Canadian Military who specializes in recon. They wanted to use that software to create art. Each building has a box for each unit in it.


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