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Non car post about karma

So for the last 6 months, I have slept on a frankenmattress. It started life as a soft side waterbed with tubes. About a 2 years into its life, all the tubes began to leak. Replacing the tubes even with a warranty prorate cost about as much as a new mattress, so i chucked the leakyness and cut up some foam to fill the void.

I used the foam I had sitting around the house, and the results have been less than satisfactory. Cut to today, i am cruising mattress stores, going from one liquidation closeout sale to another factory return closeout...... i get to a place that i can tell the moment I walk in i cant afford stuff here.


I am greeted by a very friendly woman, and she goes over products and pricing. They sell organic all natural cruelty free vegan bedding.... a queen costs more than my first car. I am about to thank them for their time and be on my way, when the owner’s daughter comes in with a super nice doxie. She and the saleswoman have a convo about my situation and she says come with me.

We go to the storage area and she pulls out 4 slabs of foam two high density and two plush, says these were from a return, and we cant resell it. And gives them to me.


If any seattle area oppos want to know where to go to get the worlds most awesome customer service, or a really spensive but toxin free fancy people bed, the sleep store cannot be more highly praised for helping out a stranger in need.

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