One of the perks of working in aviation is that you often have access to ID travel. Known under multiple names like ID90 for example, it’s basically just hugely discounted standby travel tickets. The standby part meaning that you have to be flexible and a bit more savvy in the planning, but it pays off in savings on ticket price.

For example, a return ticket from Warsaw to Tokyo in economy for €170 instead of €1200 via Skyscanner... But... it is standby, so if the flight fills up, you’re shit out of luck and have to catch the next one or rebook. Luckily you can monitor the booked amount of passengers in our system, so you can kind of plan alright.

To the point now... I have a vacation coming up, so decided to go to New York using these cheap tickets. I will have about three full days to spend in New York, staying in Queens/Long Island City with easy access to the ‘main’ city.


Any tips on what to do/see that’s kind of outside the standard stuff like High Line Park/Museums/Empire State etc etc? Those are kind of been there done that things (literally, I was there four years ago for a few days).

Here’s a brown, manual wagon from for your time:

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