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Non-disclosed Damage on New Car Purchase

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Hey guys,

A few weeks ago I posted about potentially selling my car to Carmax due to my new living situation no longer requiring me to have a car, thus allowing me to get out of debt.


Well, I just had my car appraised today and it revealed some startling information. My 2017 Elantra which I purchased new last November had its hood removed and repainted before it was sold to me. I thought it was a mistake on Carmax’s part, but the evidence is clearly there, paint missing from the bolts under the hood and sloppy areas on top where there are definite signs of respray. I was told their ‘paint machine’ definitely indicates the hood being resprayed.

As you can imagine this significantly devalued my car and made the idea of selling to them simply not worthwhile.


I’ll be heading back to the dealership I bought the car from tomorrow to discuss this with them, because I’m quite upset about this. Not so much that the car was damaged but that it wasn’t disclosed to me in the purchase of a brand new vehicle.

What is my best outcome in this situation? Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do about it?

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