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Non-political pandemic thoughts

My grocery run today got me thinking about a couple things. The first observation was that somehow 6 months into this mess the toilet paper aisle at my local grocery store is still 80% empty. Where the hell is all that TP going? How are people still buying TP at such an elevated rate? How do you have space for so much TP? How do people not have enough TP after 6 months?

Another thought is why aren’t movie theaters back open yet? It wouldn’t be hard to run a theater with safe distancing. Just sell tickets for ~30% capacity, encourage people in different groups to spread out in the mostly empty theater, and have staff dissinfect the theater between each showing and you would have an experience that’s safer than the grocery run I just made. Disney’s waffling about about possibly charging $30 to Disney+ subscribers since the theaters are closed and everyone seems super pessimistic about the theaters opening in any form for a long time. I just don’t get why theaters can’t do a limited admittance reopening like a lot of businesses have. What aspect of movie theaters am I missing that doesn’t apply to restaurants?

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