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I got a good chuckle out of Splinter’s “Ban parents” article Linky

TL:DR take all the kids to be raised in a collective by professional child raisers.

Their defenses of this.


Government paying for daycare isn’t remotely close to them taking them away from you so that you’re no longer their guardians. It’d be more like CPS taking kids away, but from everybody not just people who abuse their kids and stuff. And the foster care system isn’t a great example because although there’s not really any better alternative, no one’s lining up to send their kids of to be raised by it. Have fun convincing people otherwise.

I find the surrogate example hilarious. “A small wealthy minority of people pay other people to birth their babies because of medical or vanity reasons, so we’ll just enforce that on everyone!”


And then the government medicinal mandates. Mandating someone gets a vaccine, or some shit, is a far fucking cry from taking their biological children away from them. One they’re injecting proven and tested medicine into your body. The other they’re literally taking custody of your child away. In who’s fucking mind are these similar? Plus if you’re going to do that much in the name of public health and safety you could justify a whole ton of other even more fucked up stuff. Because once you’ve gone that far off the deep end. Why not just euthanize all the people with disabilities or heritable diseases? Or at least force them to not reproduce. That’s less of a jump from mandated vaccines to what they’re proposing.

This is probably my favorite part.


That’s literally a joke someone would make about a tyrannical society.

I just love the lack of self-awareness from all these far-left socialists and such. “Oh something’s not perfect? Just give the government complete control of it. Because government’s have never done anything shady or awful! What could go wrong?”