Does anyone here use any non toxic or all natural bathroom cleaners that they would recommend? My girl has asthma (sucks to your assmar!) but also loves having a pristine bathroom, her use of commercial cleaners like Tilex/Clorox/Scrubbing Bubbles while leaving her bathroom as clean as she wants requires her to use a face mask and even then it usually triggers her asthma.

Before wasting money trying to various brands out there I figured I’d ask Oppo and see if you guys had any recommendations.

She doesn’t want something that she has to make herself as most googling comes up with home made recipes of borax and peroxide or vinegar and tea tree oil etc. She wants something she can buy in spray form from either Amazon or a big box retailer like Target.

She’s under the impression that these less toxic cleaners won’t clean as well but I told her she could use them for general cleaning and leave the toxic stuff for small spots that may pop up rather than layering her entire bathroom in scrubbing bubbles.


Any thoughts?