(Non) used cars: No mileage increase on auctioned cars?

I’ve been seeing this a lot lately.....Carfax showing vehicles that get auctioned once or twice, and then go on sale more than a year later but with pretty much the same mileage. I can see the car being used as a ‘dealer vehicle’ with low miles between sales, but take a look at this 2015 ML350. Over 2 1/2 years with less than 50 miles driven? Seems extremely suspicious to me.

I know Carfax isn’t perfect, but these seem like legit mileage updates.

Interior pictures are obviously old, as they show 40,570 which the Carfax claims was in May of 2017 when the current ‘dealer’ bought it at auction.


Who lets a car sit around and depreciate for two years? Someone who knows how to disable the odometer??? WTF?

Offered for sale with 40,650 miles

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