Saw my baby run across the field, Slippin’ and slidin’ like an automobile.
Hollerin’ my baby got towed away, Slipped on from me like a cadillac-8...

Likely referring to a Cadillac 331, used to great effect in the 1950's by both hod rodders and Corvette Legend Zora Arkus Duntov in Allard race cars.


numbers 3402 &3403 Raced in Le mans...#3401 raced in Watkins Glen painted red, white & blue.


Iff’n you want an education about the beginnings of Rock n’ Roll, Bo Diddley is a great place to start. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones among others got Bo to thank.

If you have HBO a cool performance of the song is on the new show Vinyl about the heyday of the music industry in the 70's with Boad Walk empire star Bobby Canavale, Ray Romano and Olivia Wylde to name a few. It’s a pretty great show so far.