Denver area F40 involved in hit and run with blue minivan.…

I've been talking quite a bit to the owner since this happened. He was traveling westbound on 6th avenue just before going under the federal blvd overpass. he said a blue minivan didn't look when it was changing lanes and clipped the right front nose of the f40. The owner of the f40 slammed on the brakes, he spun out, and the van drive fled the scene... He believes it was a medium sized japanese van like a nissan quest or something like that. Blue in color with light blue/gray bumpers. Shouldn't have much damage on it, but should have red paint rubbed on the bumper. i've been trying to look at webcam/traffic cameras of this stretch of road, which i have found, i just don't know how to look at it at a certain time range.. i even emailed the people who manage the cameras asking if they can give me the video or pictures from the time this happened yesterday. owner thinks none of the important stuff was touched and wants to get replacement parts for it to get it back out on the road.



Apparently, it belonged to a poster on the Vortex. I've read a few of his threads - seems like a pretty nice guy.…

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