One of my cycling routes takes me right past the local impound lot. Normally, this lot consists of the usual burnt-out shells, totaled or damaged vehicles, and other un-noteworthy vehicles. But sometimes the destroyed carcasses are those of some legitimately cool vehicles. And sometimes, even more rarely, a truly neat car gets impounded for a non-damage reason, leaving it sitting, totally roadworthy, in amongst the wrecks.

Today, I spotted a new arrival that fit just such a description. This black Mercedes W140 S-class may not be as cool as the W126, but it is still an awesome car in my mind, especially in that color. It was parked against the back fence, closest to the trail. It appeared to be en rather good shape. There was nothing obviously wrong with it, and it had current tags, so I can only assume it was on the road up until recently. Hopefully, the car's owner will come get his car out of the 'pound soon and get it back on the road.