On my way home from work today, a guy in a black E36 M3 (dumped on shitty looking wheels but not quite stanced, tinted windows, blacked out trim & lights, fart pipe exhaust) noticed my 135is and tried to instigate a race, in the middle of a pretty crowded street. He was rocking a gangsta lean with one hand on the wheel and the other holding a phone up to his head. His general appearance was very douchebro.

I, on the other hand, was talking to my girlfriend on my bluetooth hands-free link, and when I noticed this dude blipping the throttle at me, and then sticking his hand out the window and pointing, I said to the gf, "hey want to hear something funny?" and explained what was going on. She was not amused.

At one point the traffic in front of me dispersed, and for a brief moment I contemplated letting this douchebro hear what a genuine M Performance exhaust sounds like instead of some piece of crap welded-on canister muffler. But I thought better of it, and just kept driving along normally. Once he realized I wasn't going to participate in any shenanigans, he pulled off on a side street and flipped a U-turn.

Hopefully, my prevention of two black BMW coupes with loud exhausts driving irresponsibly amongst other cars, will produce some tiny ripple of positive karma throughout the automotive universe.

Probably not.


(I made this pic for a reply in another thread, and it is completely unrelated to BMW asshaterry. But it is awesome.)