What’s your opinion, OPPO? (a continuation of a conversation I had with Jarod Rose) Should you drive your fun, powerful car as much as possible, or (if you have the means) should you keep it in the garage so that every drive in it is truly a special one? So far, for the past 5 years, I’ve gone with the former (105k miles on my M3), but I do understand why some prefer the latter. Clearly personal preference, just wondering about your take on it.


J: When a 460hp car weighing less than 3400 pounds and hitting 60 in under 4 seconds is considered, “underpowered” by the new MotorTrend Best Driver’s Car. I am starting to wonder if these automotive journalist are just spoiled. I have a feeling most people have never and will never feel acceleration that fast.


d: From experience, it’s incredibly easy to “normalize” to power. They are definitely spoiled for power, as I’m afraid I am at this point as well... 8.2 lbs per hp will do that to you. That GS would still feel fast to me, though, so there is hope for me yet.

I think the underpowered thing comes from driving a car with such a great chassis that it could take significantly more power. See also: any Boxster/Cayman, Miata, FR-S/BRZ/86...

J: Well shit. I never want to get normalized to that much power. It takes the fun out of it all.

And I do think a sweet spot 500hp Stingray would be pretty fantastic but I don’t see Corvette doing that anytime soon unless they update the base Stingray to hit those numbers.


d: I think that’s why a lot of people with high powered cars have a “normal” daily they use, so whenever they get into their fun car, it’s a revelation. I daily mine, and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it every damn day, but the sensation of power and speed is not the same as it was during the “honeymoon”. Like any drug, I suppose - you’re always trying to chase that first high.

FWIW, when I test drove a new Miata a while back, I enjoyed it plenty. Same with an Elise. Going lighter, lower & raw-er (more tactile) helps to mask the difference in outright performance, at least until you get beat off the line by a Camry - ha!


J: Those Camry drivers can be pretty aggressive.