North Jersey Area Oppos! Lend Me Your Ears!

Good day fellow Oppos! It is now that I finally expand the Tri State Annual Meetup, and create a new form of Meetup. I’ve put a lot of thought and planning into this, so I will lay out the new plans, and hope to see many new faces come out to this event. There are a handful of choices, but I’m not doing a poll for it, I am going to explain the choices and the pros and cons of each as I see it right now.

As a little background for anyone who doesn’t know, 5 years ago a user MountainCommand, who has since moved out of this area, created the very first Tri State Meetup, were as many people as could make it out got together and grilled, had fun, and brought whatever car they wanted. It worked out pretty well, but since he had moved away the next year, I took over the cause, and continued expanding on the event as it had been created. Now, several years later, I am looking to not only expand the meetups, but give people an event that they can have fun at.


The specific date has not been decided, but it will likely be in late March or early April. I am looking at several different options, but it will include several things. Steve Approved Parking(c), choices of activities, great food, and of course, Oppo members to mingle and converse with.

Some of the venues I have been looking at:

Palisade Mall, Autobahn Speedway Indoor GoKarting - indoor electric karts, recharged after each race. Jalopnik used this venue not long ago, the track is short, but technical. Mall has food court, additional activities include Laser Tag, and other mall attractions. Parking lots span throughout the mall, are absolutely massive, and parking can be very close to activities. Karting can go late, but this will be organized as a party event, preferably during the day, into the afternoon. The mall can get crazy busy, with parking far from the building.

Grand Prix New York - Their own parking lot that is quite large, indoor gas powered karts, both 6.5 and 9hp depending on if you have a license at their facility for the 9hp. The track is technical, and extremely fast. This venue is a lot of fun, and holds their own Iron Man karting races. There is also a bowling alley and arcade within the same building for anyone who is a sore loser and karting, or is not interested. Food on site is extremely good, and they have a great atmosphere. It’s a far drive, but well worth the trip. Like Palisades, the event would be set up as a party, to reserve space and time.

Lehigh Valley Grand Prix - They have their own facility, but I have not raced this track. It’s a hike for most people, but the track looks great, they have their own food, and a bowling alley as well for people who don’t want to Kart or are sore losers. They also have food on site, and appear to have good looking karts. They have specials that are listed, that may interested us in a larger group, but if many people are farther away, it may be difficult to pull of on a Sunday.


Diggerland - I’m sorry, but I really want to go to this place, if you aren’t interested, there’s something wrong. This is located in New Jersey, and looks like a great time for everyone.

Those are the current places that I am looking at. I know there are more venues in the area to choose from, but I am trying to stick to places with lots to do, and large parking areas that are accessible. If anyone has a suggestion, I will gladly take a look and see how it compares. By the end of January, I will be making a final decision on what is going on, and will be inviting Jalopnik, as well as Doug DeMuro, should any of them be available and looking to join. I’ll also be cross posting this with the email list, Facebook groups, and seeing how many are interested in tagging along.

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