In just over ten years of driving, I have owned 10 vehicles. Some I despised. Some, I would give anything to have back.

Thinking back, I can remember every reason I bought each vehicle. I can remember how they drove, which one had a gentle wobble through the brake pedal, which one needed help on a cold morning, which one cornered on its door handles, and which one gave me the biggest grin. For different reasons I had to get rid of the best. No matter how frustrating some of them were to maintain, it actually makes me feel quite sad. I imagine it's like giving away a loved pet. You really hope they get looked after and adored, as it would break your heart if you saw it in an uncared for state. I'd love to know where some of them are now!

Anyway, I made this so you can see my driving evolution (or devolution...) in chronological order