Nostalgia time

This is my Grandma, she wanted me to come with her to pick out her brand new TJ. That was a fun car. We put it into limp mode with a CEL light on with 500 miles on the ODO going through mud puddles in Moab. it was idling at 2500 rpm and we had to use the brakes to slow down through town. It cleared up and drove perfect for many years after.


This is also my grandma’s car, it’s a plymouth but I can’t for the life of me remember the details. She drove it around the yard one time and through the volleyball net that is still ripped but in service to this day. That was out burb in the background.

This is me, my dad and the little boat I bought from the family when it was new in 1986. This is the boat I’ll probably be selling this spring on account of the fact that I just don’t use it anymore.


Im hunting through my old albums looking for one of those nostalgia pics for a “fun” work retreat coming up so you get to enjoy the oppo related stuffs.

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