Saw this last night in DC. Was pretty good. Aluna George gyrated and thrusted around the stage the entire time but was a great crowd warmer, especially with You Know You Like It and I’m in Control.

Then Miguel performed. Having not ever heard his music previously, I liked his opening stuff, but then he reminded the crowd that he’s “dirty” and started dancing like two rabid ferrets fighting in a burlap bag for the rest of his set.

Sia starts about two hours after the doors open, and absolutely killed it. Sia was singing either on stage or just off while the stage dancers (and Maddie Ziegler) performed the choreography. On either side of the stage were two large screens that showed pre-recorded vignettes for each song that were also performed on stage by the dancers. Cameos in the vignettes included Paul Dano, Kristen Wiig, and (awesomely) Tig Notaro. She closed with The Greatest, which you could hear the whole arena sing along with last night. The video below is from an earlier show in Seattle.

An excellent show. If you’re a fan of her music, or even a few of her songs I would strongly suggest attending, even if you do have to sit through Aluna George dry humping the air on stage and Miguel doing his worst Michael Jackson-inspired dance moves.


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