So, this is my first fathers day, sorta. My wife is about 5 months pregnant. I want to build my expected daughter a bitchin radio flyer with my dad in the next few months. Im hoping that I can get some cantilevered suspension in there, but I have a few questions.

Is there a way I could have static settings for ride height? As in one setting on the ground, one with a few inches of ground clearance for the beach/trails/etc, and one in between.

I plan on using go kart rain tires, like this:

This is about how I want the frame to look:

It will be built from 1" or .75" tube steel, or similar. Basic mount from the side to the frame. I had a quick sketch of the suspension, but I can't find it right now, and I am not gonna spend 8 hours on sketch up on this.


Do any opponaughts out there have any good primers? Tips? Suggestions?

Have a few awesome wagons for your time


That is perfect. Just add suspension.

suspension like this. Sort of.


this is pretty neat.

im not sure what is going on here, looks like some pretty cool hubs.


Future gear head in training.

i might obtain a shopping cart next... This looks cool too.