So this new fangled axe has been burning up cyber space as a hip cool exciting modern way to split wood. It looks interesting, and everyone is like SCIENCE! LEVERAGE! NO MORE WEDGE! WHAT TOOK SO LONG! SO MUCH SAFER!

Here's the thing(s):

All the demos show him splitting easy-to-split hunks of birch in what look to be frigid temps. Not really anything ground breaking happening, ideal conditions for one chop shopping.

That handle twists VIOLENTLY as it impacts. As every article/blog/geek site has pointed out, a glancing blow from a traditional axe can do great bodily harm. This looks like it could do some damage too though. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive since I'm coming off of multiple wrist surgeries.

These videos remind me of the snake oil "weld/braze aluminum with my special torches/filler/flux, buy in 5 easy payments" videos where the old timer uses his slick set up to do amazing things to aluminum. Yeah, his setup works. Because he's freaking awesome and that's all he's been doing for 10 years! He's not doing anything you couldn't do with a traditional tig setup, and he's definitely making it look easy so he can sucker in guys that don't know a welder from tow truck. Dude splitting this wood looks like he's cut down enough trees to make a paper bridge to the moon.


Speaking of guys who have chopped down entire forests in their lifetime, I talked to my dad about this today. He built a 4k square foot house out of trees he cut down himself, and he kept it warm by burning more trees. "Everyone gets excited about building a new mousetrap...but I think the old ones are still the best. Simple, and they always work."

Couldn't have said it better myself.