Dodge Stratus vs Monte Carlo vs Mustang.

Amusing quotes:

On the Monte Carlo:

“ we were also impressed by the fine quality of assembly fit and finish.”

“a back seat that can accommodate three adults in something closely resembling comfort” (ahhaha what?)

““If you can ignore the Martian styling,” concluded one tester, “this is a very nice car. But it’s really selling comfort and style, not sportiness.” Amen.”

On the Mustang:

“We never quite got comfortable in the Mustang, and the seats drew some caustic comments: “Like padded lawn chairs,” wrote one tester.”


“The rear seat is restrictive to the point of torment; two adults can be wedged in there for short hauls, longer if they happen to be adults you dislike.”

“we’re unanimous in our opinion of the fake hood and side scoops: oh, puh-leeze.”

On the Stratus: 

It got first place. IT GOT. FIRST. PLACE.

if you must have an automatic transmission, the DaimlerChrysler four-speed AutoStick is about as good as it gets”


“the Stratus bites into corners and hangs on like a terrier grabbing a muskrat. Although we’d prefer a little less power assist, the steering is precise, and the car turns in decisively and changes direction briskly. “

“It doesn’t take a very keen eye to see that the Stratus is the cosmetic pacesetter in this troika. The rakish lines that make the Dodge Intrepid so sexy look just as seductive on a smaller scale, if not more so. Moreover, it’s a shape that makes its two opponents look dated and dowdy.”

“There were those who were a little uneasy with the various fighter-plane visual cues that busied the dashboard, smacking, as they did, of creeping Pontiacism. But the many plastics had a quality look, the gray leather upholstery was creamy, and if the front seats were a bit deficient in lateral support on the back roads, they were long-haul comfortable.”