T-boned by an Accord. He forgot the last part of look left, then right, then left again. He was cited for failure to yield.

The impact spun me almost 180°. I was alone, so there wasn’t anyone to experience the joy of having a side-curtain airbag go off next to them. There was an impressive whump when he hit me, but I don’t know if it was from the impact or the air bag going off.

The sheet metal is digging into the tire and the sidewall is cut, so a new set of tires will be needed. There’s also a chip in the wheel, so I’m guessing that will need to be replaced too. It didn’t want to move by itself, so the police officer used his car to push it off the road to clear traffic.


The rear wheel is pointed about 10° to the right, so there must be suspension damage and there might be additional damage to the drivetrain. It’s at the body shop now and I’m working on getting a rental. More to come....


I spoke with TWO insurance adjusters, one from his insurance, one from mine. They will be coordinating an estimate for repair sometime in the next two days.

Thank you for all the sympathy and well-wishes. I’ll update when I get the rental.