I have not met the driver of this truck, but here is what we know about him (or her):

They don’t claim to be an influencer on Instagram, because their flip phone doesn’t get a signal out in the woods.


It isn’t “overland life”, it’s sleeping in your truck because you can’t reside within 1000 feet of a school.

Beer isn’t just for breakfast anymore.

Bailing wire is just as good as a weld.

The radio has been on the same classic rock station since 1986.

He’s thinking of shaving his beard now that all the damn hipsters have one.

That isn’t beard oil, it’s just oil.

Paying taxes is for communists.

If he gets stuck, there’s no fancy recovery kit. He just digs out with his boot and ties off to a moose he caught with his bare hands.

Those teeth aren’t missing, he vaguely remembers exactly where they got knocked out.

He thinks I’m jealous of his life, and he may be right.

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