But we still found time to derustify some parts and throw a coat of paint on them.


Also had to re-paint one of the front brake calipers. Last time we touched the brakes, the air seemed to have been bled out, but we weren’t getting good pedal feel. We moved on to something else for a while, and the next time we touched the calipers, we found one of the pistons overextended, leaking fluid onto the paint. D’oh!

We had been using 3 stacked pieces of plywood to block the pistons since we haven’t installed pads & rotors yet, but they started to slip out of place, hence the extra piston travel. Took the caliper apart, re-cleaned and reassembled it, and threw a fresh coat of caliper paint on, using a DIY paint stand courtesy of my brother’s recently-acquired welder. Good as new!

Hopefully next time we bleed the brakes, we’ll have the actual pads and rotors in place so we won’t have to jury-rig anything.

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