Just wanted to express my general displeasure at the movie Jimi: All Is By My Side. The whole movie made a pretty good job of demonizing Hendrix, and I'm pretty upset about that. Not only did they make him seem like a selfish, mean, and sheltered person, but they made him out to be a woman beater, and a very violent one at that. There are interviews that came out about his main girlfriend, at the time the movie is supposed to take place, and she describes him as one of the gentlest people she ever knew, not to mention her years she had with him as some of the best in her life. She also states how furious she was with his representation in the movie. This is a real shame since I used to have great respect for both the director, John Ridley (12 years a slave, 3 kings), and Andre Benjamin of Outkast. I am very surprised that they went through with this horrible representation of such a great musician and person.

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