Not all professors drive Volvos

One of my profs said that, following a trip to Firestone to get an oil and tire change last week, the service people forgot to put the plug back in or failed to do so correctly. Essentially, all the oil came out of his wife’s van while she was driving, causing the engine to seize and totaling the vehicle. Firestone apparently accepted full responsibility and Firestone’s insurance has already covered the cost of the van. My professor told us last week that he was choosing between a 2017 Golf GTI and a 2017 A3 Quattro as the replacement. Today he said he’s picked the GTI because he had a GTI in the 90's and loved it. Following our test in class we voted on whether he should get the car in black or white. I voted black, and that ended up winning. So now I know of at least 3 Jalop professors (other two have a CTS-V coupe and a 2012 Camaro SS convertible with a stick).


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