Started my morning by spending 1:56:18 on the phone with Comcast/Xfinity trying to get our service issues straightened out. Finally everything is working as it had been/should. Plus, we switched to TiVo last week. So much better than their X1 devices. The only device in our home that belongs to them now is the router that is specifically for the home security system.

Then I took Sally to the vet to deal with a slight case of the runs and loss of appetite. You can see how much she enjoyed it. It’s happened before and all tests came back negative and after a day or two of anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea meds she was fine. Assuming the same this time but will get test results soon.


This, on top of our 9.5 yr old Boston Terrier having an ongoing eye condition that has required 6 visits to the eye specialist in the last 8 months, and our nearly 13 year old Boston has lost 4-5 lbs the last 6 to 8 weeks, along with a few other symptoms (lethargic, sensitive to touch in the abdomen, slight loss of appetite), this is the most concerning. So far all tests have come back as normal but we are waiting on few more of her results (one due back today and one on Friday). Our regular vet thinks it may just be inflamed bowels, the internal med specialist says based on the symptoms it could be any number of things (which the tests will hopefully rule out or show).

So basically our 3 older pets are currently having medical issues (though only one seems to be more severe). Here’s hoping the two young cats don’t injure themselves* or something because these vet/specialist visits are getting out of hand. At any rate, hope you had a great weekend and a fantastic week.

Also, not that we’re looking to sell and move, but a (nearly) dream home came on the market and we’re going to the open house this coming Sunday. Only issues are the location, attached garage not having direct access into the home, and the master bath is livable but inadequate (in terms of size). Two are fixable, one is not so much. We’ll see.

*When I fed our cats lunch, our youngest jumped full speed, head first into the refrigerator door instead of by me and up onto the counter. Seems fine, he’s not our brightest pet (and certainly not after that).

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