School shooting at a middle school five miles from me. Suspect in custody, two in the hospital.

I don’t blame gun control inaction, because we are talking about a middle school here, unless this was a Sandy Hook type event of an older person going into a younger school (which is rare), it’s far more likely that this was a middle school kid. I don’t blame guns any more than I would blame a hammer for impacting a nail.

I’m looking primarily at the sad state of mental health in our country and specifically towards the health of our youth. Bullying is an epidemic on the same scale as opioids. And please don’t say “but Trump...” because bullying has been an issue for far longer than the past few years. School counselors are in ridiculously short supply, and access to quality mental health Care is limited.

I’ve recently read a theory that compared school shootings to riot theory. That the message/theme/import that started the riot shifts and molds as the riot continues, and eventually the rioters no longer resemble the original reason for rioting, and I wonder if that holds true.


Regardless, I’m already praying that God helps to heal my community as we seek for answers.