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Not Another "What car should I get?" Thread

Yes, yes it is.

Actually I'm not car shopping for me, but for my brother.

Budget is $35k, maybe $1k of leeway ($36k) if the vehicle is worth it.

Criteria: 4 doors (or large coupe, truck), quick/fast, good looking, Un-Modified, Preferably new (but lightly used works), No Wagons (ugh)


Simple, right? Wrong.

List of things he has turned down:

Ford Focus ST

Ford Fiesta ST

Buick Regal GS

Subaru WRX STi

Ford Taurus

Things that he currently likes:

Ford F-150 Tremor

Lightly used Pontiac G8 GXPs, GTs

Mitsubishi Evo (still undecided)


Mercedes Benz CLA

Dodge Charger

He is currently driving a vehicle that belongs to the family and if he moves out of State for a job he will need his own car. This is a definite possibility in the next 2-3 years. You could say I'm trying to expedite this car-buying process so when the time comes he won't have to settle on a car that he hates and will need to live with for a while.


Thanks for your help, Oppo. Have the Rallying Rolls as a gift! :D


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