Power numbers for the 6.2 announced.

420hp and 460 ft-lbs. Its not the power that gets me, 420hp seems so pedestrian these days, its the 460 ft-lbs. from 6.2 liters...378 cubic inches...52.4 Gills! Seriously, thats pretty good for a workaday truck engine. I remember the 8.1 liter last put into a truck in 2008 only made 455 ft-lbs and a paltry 355 hp. Its predecessor the 7.4 had 410 ft-lbs and 290 hp. This is a meaty engine.

Not only is it better than its fore-bearers, its better than any current truck engine that burns gas. Saying that, it is the newest engine in the neighborhood and so it should best its competition, i don't suspect that Nissan, ford, Toyota and Ram will be letting that number sit on the high spot for too long, but it does beg the question...how much more do we need to satisfied? as a result you can now tow 12,000 lbs...with a half ton.