There is something about driving roads with corn/soy/wheat being grown to edge of the road, they are straight as can be but it’s so relaxing.

Illustration for article titled Not bad night to cruise local side roads.

Driving done one road I remembered an old family friend (I think) lives on. So I pull in, hoping to not get shot. They recognize me instantly, & invite me in for coffee. We caught up with eachother, then talked about gardening & how good crops are doing this year. His corn was looking really good, it started slow since there was lots of rain. The past few weeks it shot up in height. Their old sketchy barn decided to tear down its self 3 years ago, so it looked very different. Not a bad way to kill 1.5hr. He is also your typical small town guy: Looks a little rough, lives on a farm, & works at the local saw mill.


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