Autojournos have been complaining at an increasing rate about lack of steering feel. I’m wondering how much of that is due to soft bushings.

I installed polyurethane steering rack bushings on my ‘09 WRX in under two hours on jackstands, and it made made all the difference in feel. They don’t let the rack shift around at all. I personally like steering wheel vibration, though.

Before, it drove like a goddamned tractor was mushy to the point of being hard to drive smoothly. Afterwards I got some stock E30-grade feedback (AWD after all).

Typical after photo:


You can’t see it from underneath, but the factory bushings are U-shaped hollow soft rubber.

Before: (mine had those damn lines in the way too)


I wonder how much some other cars with garbage steering feel could be vastly improved by just swapping bushings for $100 plus labor?