Work stuff. Safety image ahead.

So my boss is a hothead. He makes things difficult for everyone in the shop, and I can’t actually do anything to make it change. Every mistake I make is amplified by an order of magnitude. He never acknowledges anyone’s contributions. So it goes. 2 mistakes in a week and he’s fuming and fussing and making it hostile in here.

As I have a diagnosis of major depressive disorder and some comorbid anxiety disorders, I think I’m going to call my doctor and have him fill out the paperwork requesting ADA accommodation regarding performance reviews. I’ve never had one. Ever.

I found this on the US Department of Labor’s website under the list of reasonable accommodations for people with psychiatric disabilities:

  • Implementation of flexible and supportive supervision style; positive reinforcement and feedback; adjustments in level of supervision or structure, such as more frequent meetings to help prioritize tasks; and open communication with supervisors regarding performance and work expectations.
  • Written work agreements that include any agreed upon accommodations, long-term and short-term goals, expectations of responsibilities and consequences of not meeting performance standards.