I'm going to post this on Giz as well, but figured i would see what you guys had to say. Built up a new computer with Windows 8. It is running, but with two issues that I was hoping some of you may be able to help with.  First, I'm doing a clean install and loaded windows onto a fresh 2TB drive.  No prob there.  When I plugged in my older 1TB drive that all my files on it the BIOS and Windows could see it, but it is saying it is "unallocated".  Some of the reading I have done states that if you start the allocation process it basically adds a partition and formats the drive.  Bad mojo when your music and pictures are on the drive. Any ideas?  Second issues is that I use a PCI wireless card with this machine because of where it lives. win8 is giving no love to it at all. I think it knows its ther now, but will not accept the Netgear drivers. 

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